I'm Dawn, and I create art to inspire your day! I love to be inspired by the world around us and I find myself dabbling in some thing new and exciting every day.

I am so happy that you found me! My art is made with the hopes that whether you use it in your home, office, or if you give it as a gift, it will put a smile on your face and brighten your day!

I am an established Artist creating paintings in all different sizes, mediums and surfaces.

I studied Illustration at The School of Visual Arts. Setting my sights on my dreams of being a full time artist.

Dreams really do come true!

I am the artist and full time shop owner behind ArtByDawn. I design, create, photograph, market and ship the items you see here! This started many years ago as a hobby, but I found myself constantly making choices for career plans instead and fueled my passion for business with my creativity. My family has always supported me, especially my husband who has never said a discouraging word xo

You'll find me in my studio everyday at home painting away with my dog Shadow by my side (You can see his picture down at the bottom of this page)

I am now focusing on my growing business after my two children became old enough to drive away and are now discovering their independence. It took me years to figure out what to do with my art and make it a full time business. I'm so thankful, to you, that this is what I get to do for a living.

Dawn xo

***** REVIEWS *****

Dawn is INCREDIBLE. So incredible that I ordered 6 custom ornaments from her this season. All were absolutely beautiful. She does so much more than just copy a photo… she makes it art. She beautifully combined multiple photos onto single ornaments. I had her do two for friends who recently bought apartments… she beautifully rendered the interiors of the apartments and then added my friends’ dogs to the ornaments…. People LOVED them. In addition to being s fabulous artist, she was incredibly kind and responsive. Such a pleasure to work with her. Could not recommend more highly!


Dawn is an Amazing artist! Her artwork is absolutely gorgeous! You will be thrilled with any piece she creates. She is totally dedicated to every piece of art work and creates expressive and interesting pieces. . She has created amazing pieces of every challenge I have brought to her with absolute professionalism, precision, courtesy, timeliness and impeccable technical skill. You will be thrilled with any piece from Dawn. I highly recommend her.


I genuinely could not rate this shop highly enough. Dawn did an absolutely superb job catching the likeness of my baby boy, Moose. I had ordered this as an early Christmas gift for my mom due to the fact that our dog had passed away about two weeks ago. Dawn was so beyond helpful and giving in order to get and done and to me well before Christmas, something that I know is so much easier said than done this time of year. When I finally got in the mail and showed it to my mom, she cried and couldn't believe how much it looked just like our Moose. I cannot thank or recommend Dawn enough. Her work is stunning, she's an incredibly sweet individual, and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed! I would give 100 stars if I could!


I highly recommend these tiles. It was a gift for a co-worker who recently lost their dog and this brought tears to my eyes as well as the recipient.
As for the vocabulary fails to articulate the likeness and warmth that went into the the tile.

Thank you for easing pain as well as a gift that will last for years.


I purchased two beautiful ocean paintings from Dawn. They are even more beautiful in person. They arrived wrapped beautifully and with an extra surprise.


I have purchased hand painted house ornaments for my clients from Dawn for the last 2 years. Without fail, my clients rant and rave about them!


I am thrilled to have a textured painting by Dawn. My entire experience with Dawn has been wonderful. My package arrived and was beautifully wrapped and her painting is located in our family room, the music and sun room.


Thanks so much Dawn! Absolutely LOVE my recent purchase! I was so very pleased on the 1st piece you did for my sweet baby girl Chelsea....that I just had to have one done for my new doggie Belle ! ABSOLUTELY beautiful ! Thanks again Dawn !


Love giving these as Christmas ornaments to my husbands clients. Great detail and so personal


In the artist words

"I will always continue to push the boundaries of painting and making art, always seeking a final product that is "complete". Is this even possible? Is ones work ever complete? How do you know when the last stroke is the last stroke?

I have always felt as an outsider. Always not quite fitting in. My thoughts on how I see things always seemed to be different then everyone else. Every one said black I said white. By bopping and weaving around all that I did not agree with led me to where I am now, and there is no where else I want to be."

Dawn McDonnell


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My Shadow