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Hand Painted Pet Portraits

Preserving what you love

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The Story of Me


On any given day you will find, Dawn McDonnell, painting something in her studio. These days, that something, is your Fur Baby. These hand painted pet portraits capture your beloved pets personality. Dawn gives every painting the highest attention to detail and care. Everyone likes to display moments captured for the world to see.  Whether it is in your home or office, for a gift or just for yourself, Hand Painted makes them all that more special. Our pets are with us through the good times and the bad, they comfort us, love us unconditionally and even protect us. Whether they are still with us or if they have sadly passed, you may be looking for comfort, I want to help. These hand painted portraits will help to hold on to those precious memories.

Dawn is one Artist with several styles. This allows her to work with you on a personal level. The goal is to please everyone, not just a few. After all, our pets are family too. 

Here are the definitions of her most popular styles, These timeless tributes will suit anyone’s preference and decor. 

Stylized- Separating the values of each color and defining them in their own space, instead of blending them.

Colorized- Defining the values then adding vibrant colors that pop and creates an electrifying result.

Realified- My Custom Realistic Pet Portraits will provide a unique and highly detailed representation of your pet. Working from your photo she will capture your pets unique personality and character.

Dawn McDonnell was born and raised in a suburb outside of New York City. She  received a BFA in Illustration at The School of Visual Arts and has worked for several textile companies, an artist representative and has freelanced her art for several years. Dawn has owned businesses as a mural painter, a gallery owner and the owner of an interactive art studio called Painting ParTAY. 

In 2002, she moved to the mainland outside of Long Beach Island, NJ, along with her two amazing children and her very supportive husband. They all absolutely love it! “It is like a vacation all year round!” 


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